SPSS 64 Bit

IBM SPSS Statistics is the ideal tool for managing information and research players.

Note: This 64-bit version of SPSS. If you are looking for 32-bit versions or do not know which version we should get out of here.

This super-app vamobespechivaet completely control their data. This allowsSophisticated graphics and statistics illustrations, and is firmly aimed at professionals who want to solve business and research issues. Doolakša SPSS has a wide range of analytical comparison of pain cast function.

SPSS offers detailed analysis options to look aroundIn your data and trends on the spot that you may not notice. You can test hundreds of different data variables to see how shapes or performance will vary depending on srazlichnye circumstances and applicationIt contains more advanced features that will allow you to getThe best of your data.

A number of features

Among these features are excellent sharing options, automated models are available to work with the IBM SPSS Base Server server version and mainframe server modules in IBM, syntax editor, integration with Microsoft Office, and much, muchOthers. To get a better idea of ​​the features and features, please click here.

Obviously chtomoschnost it has a price. The SPSS download is quite large, but when you install the program, it is pretty stealthy to learn until you find the legs. We can say that SPSSIs actually a glorified version of Excel, but with many more options and power that stand behind it, it vpechatlyayuschayazveri. As a result, local users may be frightening, and it would be better to start more easily data management applications.

If you are serious about statistics, thenThis SPSS is as good as it gets.

SPSS supports sleduyuschieformaty

SAV SPO, XDA TXT, Center for Liberal Strategies, KSLKSS, SIS POR, E, SLK, DBF, DT SD7, PDF PPT

SPSS 64 Bit